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Our Vision, Our Work !!

FACTO Group presents an ambitious and risky project endorsed by three of the figures with more experience and importance,within the sector of national electronic music in all its fields, from booking, management, radio, teaching, and of course as deejays and producers, Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas and Luis Bonias, in their constant relationship with the of electronic music world have decided to bet on the creation of a new booking agency, exclusive to Spain.

The project, born of the detailed analysis of the Spanish electronic market, in which there are both national and international djs which do not usually play in Spain, and should do so.

The project does not look for the facilities that give the "BIG NAMES", but bet on names of "Top" artists whose career as deejays and producers is more than endorsed by his work and his productions, but that by circumstances do not have enough presence in Spain; Hence the risk, effort and work that will have to be developed to consolidate those names into Spanish market.

It´s ovbious that this project is based on our personal experiences, Wally, Luis and Ismael, they better than anyone know how to treat a "colleague", so in FACTO Bookings what we are looking for is, from the first momento, the artist feels cared for in the first person, valued, comfortable, giving him the maximum facilities to perform his work, without false expectations, and treating it as it deserves with the utmost respect, support and professionalism.

Welcome to FACTO BOOKINGS !!

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